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Company Domain Registration

At Company Domain Check we take domain name branding seriously. As an Nominet-Accredited registrar (see details below) we know about the issues some businesses face when trying to keep their domain names safe from online misuse.

We do comprehensive searches for our customers and ensure they have secured their business domain name/and or any important variants that could be used as negative branding.

Look professional!

We can help you set up professional email addresses on your business name, or its variant, and host this email for you. For example, What would you rather have as your business details? (On company vehicles/stationery/business cards) OR the more professional and far simpler Think about it. Why would you promote the likes of huge companies like Yahoo/Google/Hotmail when your email should be promoting YOU.

We can check the status of your domain

We can check the status of your domain at any time? We ensure that your company name is not on the open market, leaving it open for anyone else to register. We then register it on your behalf, and in your name, ensuring the domain can not be used by any third party. We make sure your admin contact email address is up to date and that your name and address details are correct.

Company Domain Check

We at Company Domain Check offer Domain Name Protection to help with business domain name registration. Our company domain nam gency will help you avoid unscrupulous domain hijackers registering an important variant of your business domain and then put it up for resale usually for between £3000 to £5000 (and more in some cases). With our expert Website Registration Services we will do the background checks for you and ensure you have covered the right types of domains for a fraction of the cost of what the hijackers try to demand.

Get good quality domain name registration, and support in business email set up, by registering a your business domain name and/or its important variants by getting in touch with our helpful business domain name services & full domain nam protection services UK.

We lock your domain

With .com domain names It is now possible to lock your domain against all transfer or modification requests from third parties. Company Domain Check locks all new domain registrations to safeguard you and your business against domain hijacking.

Get protected against Cyber Squatters

Cyber Squatters are people who like to make a fast buck by registering variations on business domain names. By doing this they are looking to approach you to pay potentially thousands of pounds to get the domain into your ownership or they sometimes set up 'advertising' sites in the hop of gaining revenue from passing traffic. You are highly advised to protect your business branding/good name by registering variations on your name in top level extensions (.com .net) & country code domain names.

Protect your personal details

You can also now protect your details by using our Whois Privacy service. This is where we can ensure nobody can see your details and thus this can avoid third party nuisance calls & unwanted unsolicited emails.

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